Krone EasyCut Front-Mounted Disc Mowers


KRONE EasyCut front-mounted mowers are compact by design and give outstanding ground hugging NEW: EasyCut 28 M Transport width does not exceed 3 metres (9' 10'') Fully enclosed and welded cutterbar - no leakages Wedge-shaped cutterbar for enhanced quality of cut Massive spur gears guarantee quiet running Standard quick-change blade system Replaceable attachment pins and disc wear parts Standard overrunning driveshaft Mowers without conditioners feature active drives and rotating swath deflectors for central swathing between the tractor wheels EasyCut CV integrates a high-performance conditioner and pivoting V-type steel tines Optional deflector plates for wide distribution of crops Mechanical gearbox provides two conditioner speeds - 600rpm and 900rpm EasyCut 32 CRi features roller conditioner.

Last modified on Thursday, 22 March 2012 17:13