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Thursday, 29 March 2012 15:17

Krone CombiPack 1250/1500 V

Strong features

  • The first fully integrated baler wrapper combination on the market!
  • The genuine machine from the market leader
  • All operations are fully automated.
  • Pick-up work width is 1.95m (6' 5'') for high workrates and absolutely clean gathering.
  • The MultiCut rotor cutter features up to 17 knives for highest bale densities.
  • The integral Krone bale wrapper features a rotating double wrap arm.
  • The film dispenser applies 500mm (19.7'') and 750mm (29.5'') film, stretching it from 50% to an adjustable 70%.
  • Standard tandem axle with large volume tyres.
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Thursday, 29 March 2012 15:09

Krone Comprima V180/V180 XC

The Comprima V180 / V180 XC 
variable round balers will be:

Round balers will be the machinery of choice, if you are looking for high throughputs and high densities. These round balers not only deliver high density bales, high quality of work and high level of standard specification but also boast a host of innovative features, such as the double-swing guidance for the two elevators. The system comprises a double swing, the uncontrolled EasyFlow Pick-Up and the optional X-Cut cutter with hydraulic knife floor.

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Thursday, 29 March 2012 15:01

Krone Comprima F 155/F 155 XC

Comprima F 155 and F 155 XC with semi-variable bale chamber are the first round balers that operate on the fixed chamber principle whilst producing bales of variable diameters that range from 1.25 m to 1.50 m. Combining the functions of both fixed and variable chambers, the semi-variable chamber is a unique system on the world market. Relying on the new NovoGrip system, the design combines quiet running with high baling pressure. Comprima F155 XC features the X-Cut rotor cutter with up to 26 knives. 

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Thursday, 29 March 2012 14:53

Krone RoundPack

Top technology from the market leader.

Trouble-free operation and absolutely easy use and service are the key features of the latest KRONE range of round balers.

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Wednesday, 28 March 2012 15:14

Amazone Centaur Cultivator Disc Harrow Combi

Looking for a multi-functional soil cultivator? A tool that can not only shallow stubble cultivate and carry out primary soil tillage, but also topsoil deep loosen? If so, then AMAZONE, with the Centaur tine & disc combination cultivator offers the ideal solution in working widths of 3 m, 4 m and 5 m!

It is easy to be convinced just how efficiently and reliably the Centaur, even under the heaviest of operating conditions, intensively mixes together last year’s crop residues and soil. Thanks to the four stagger tine arrangement and the large underframe clearance you can work without interuption, blockage-free – and at a reduced diesel consumption.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012 15:12

Amazone Cenius Mounted Mulch Cultivator

A third of all input and machinery costs on farms can be allocated to soil tillage and cultivation. Increasing prices for inputs, such as diesel and the once-again reduced commodity prices are exacerbating the situation even further.

The necessity to reduce costs is clearer than ever - more efficient soil tillage methods are becoming increasingly attractive.

When it comes to mechanisation, small and medium-sized farms are on the lookout for a universal implement with the widest possible range of application. The solution is found in the new Cenius mulch cultivator which can be used for various purposes, from shallow stubble work right down to topsoil loosening.

Thanks to different versions with varying equipment specifications, the implement can be adjusted to nearly every local condition. In conjunction with an active or passive AMAZONE sowing combination, it offers an excellent introduction to conservation cultivation methods.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012 15:02

Amazone Catros Compact Disc Cultivator

The Catros compact disc harrows from AMAZONE make work go by twice as fast! Being easy to pull, these machines allow for high speed travelling but still leave a top class quality of work.

High work rates, low fuel consumption and little wear costs are the special strengths of the Catros compact disc harrows. They are ideally suited for a fast, shallow and intensively mixing stubble work and operate blockage free even with high amounts of surface straw. The incorporation of maize straw and stubble, the loosening up of grassland or fallow land, seedbed preparation and the incorporation of organic manures offers additional flexibility in use.

The broad range includes mounted and trailed machines in working widths from 3 m to 7.5 m, with a coupling frame even up to 9 m and 12 m, and offers many flexible permutations to match the level of equipment on your new compact disc harrow to those individual prevailing field conditions.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012 14:58

Amazone KE/KG Rotary Harrow

The KE rotary harrow is superbly suited for soil tillage after the plough and mulch sowing on pre-cultivated soils. The strong frame, one piece rotor head and shaft and a sprung tine fixing result in a very robust implement. The large clearance above the rotor heads ensures the free passage of large amount of straw or clods of soil.

The KE rotary harrow is offered in two different versions: 

  • The KE Special is the ideal solution for tractors up to 140 HP as it is at the same time strong and yet light. The KE Special in 3 m working width has a weight of only 850 kg. The KE Special is available in working widths of 2.50 and 3.00 metres. 
  • For tractors up to 170 HP the KE-170 is the right machine for a powerful sowing combination. It is available in working widths of 3 and 4 metres. The KE-170 is the perfect machine for the high demands of a modern arable farm. Its robustness makes this machine ready for arduous operation. AMAZONE rotary harrows are optimally suited for the combination with AMAZONE seed drills and rollers. Till and drill combinations from one manufacturer result in a carefully matched technology of highest performance.

The Pantera means you are optimally prepared to meet any plant protection challenge. State-of-the art technology and management systems are brought together in this self-propelled sprayer. They constitute the Pantera concept for large farms and contractors and are an important part of intelligent plant production.

Intelligent in-cab management - In the spacious driver's cab with air suspended comfort seat and optimum all-round visibility  you always stay safe and relaxed even after a long day.

Intelligent operational management - Via the multi-function joystick and AMADRIVE operator terminal, the Pantera ensures a comfortable and simple operation. At the same time the AMATRON 3 on-board computer with integrated GPS-Switch and GPS-Track systems make life enormously easier.

Intelligent chassis management - The powerful 200 HP engine and the engine management with either  ECO or POWER mode results in the best fuel efficiency. And you travel comfortably as well via the infinitely variably, hydrostatic drive which goes from 0 to 40 km/h - and without a gear change.

Intelligent plant protection management - Thanks to the Super L-boom, with working widths of up to 40 m and Distance-Control automatic boom guidance, you can fully concentrate on the correct chemical application rather than the vehicle.

Optimum service - AMAZONE machinery stands for the highest efficiency and the best quality. With expertise and quick solutions our sales partners and AMAZONE service are always by your side.

More output in plant protection - AMAZONE offers various levels of specification for increasing the speed, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of filling, transportation and cleaning out. AMAZONE combines these technical specifications for enhanced crop protection under the generic term "Speed-Spraying".

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Wednesday, 28 March 2012 14:48

Amazone UG Crop Protection Sprayer

For years the UG trailed sprayers with tank sizes of 2400 and 3200 litres have been the ideal entry into the trailed sprayer programme. These very lightweight sprayers with mechanical or hydraulic drawbar steering provide a huge scope for optional equipment and, mirroring the UX trailed sprayer series, the UG is also available in two specifications: The UG Special with a 250 l/min piston diaphragm pump and the UG Super with a 370 l/min tandem pump system which further underlines the AMAZONE philosophy of offering all farmers the optimum execution for their farming structure.

For an ensured accurate spraying operation, the Super-S boom is available in working widths of 15 to 28 metres. Their special profiled design makes them both ultra-sturdy and ultra-light. This enables operation with smaller tractors. For the safe and fast road transport the Super-S booms feature an extremely narrow transport width of just 2.40 metres even at the larger working widths.

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