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Landini 6C Series

The new Landini 6C Series has been designed to replace the current Powermondial once production of these models ceases.


This multipurpose tractor is suitable for working on livestock and arable farms  performing a wide range of tasks from animal feeding, front loader operations, baling, cultivation, animal waste handling and transport.


The two models are both equipped with 4.5Litre FPT SCR engines delivering 121 & 133hp  boosted power.


An enhanced three speed Powershift transmission combined with the optional front axle and cab suspension increases efficiency and comfort.

A load sensing hydraulic system is available that increases hydraulic performance in applications such as loader work or demanding hydraulically driven machinery. The cab offers more comfort including a new passenger seat.

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Thursday, 22 March 2012 14:46

Landini 6L Series

Introducing the all new Landini 6L Tractor range.  This new addition offers a tractor with a more economical but higher performance four-cylinder engine, heavier-lifting three-point linkage and more substantial brakes among its features.

The three Landini 6 'L' models (L means 'long wheelbase') have been created by bringing together a proven Argo Tractors transaxle and the latest 4.5-litre FPT engines.

The new 6L-145 kicks off the range with rated output of 131hp, but it then goes on to develop up to 143hp as the engine's full performance potential is exploited under heavy load, together with increased torque.

Next up, the 6L-160 has rated power of 150hp, but the modern engine's 'power bulge' takes peak output to 163hp and high torque enables the engines to 'hang on' longer in heavy draft situations.

The Landini 6L-175 then takes the new range to higher levels of performance, with 170hp at rated speed, 176hp maximum, and torque output climbing to 700Nm at 1500rpm.

These 3 new models are built to operate at a higher gross vehicle weight, so they can take heavier implements and more ballast if needed.  The wheelbase is longer and is very suited to operating heavy mounted cultivators and combination drills.





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Thursday, 22 March 2012 14:41

Landini 6 Series

The Landini 6 Series is a completely new range of tractors with the product goals set to achieve greater performance through enhanced operator comfort and convenience as well as longer service life and industry leading reliability.


externally the new styling shows off the tractors sleek appearance and one’s attention is quickly drawn to the wider more spacious cab. Operator comfort and control layout is completely overhauled with no carry over from previous families.


Consisting of 3 models, the range features the new 'Roboshift' and Power Shuttle transmission with 24FWD and 24REV (4 Powershift speeds) as standard with the option of 'Roboshift' with Creeper and Power Shuttle offering 40FWD and 40REV.


The new Tier 4 engines feature SCR and Ad Blue technology to meet today's stringent exhaust emission guidelines.

The 6 Series also feature the new Lounge Cab offering superb all round visibility and excellent driver comfort and with features like Climate Control, Super Deluxe Air Suspension Seat with Armrest and a radio with Bluetooth© and MP3, this spacious and ergonomically friendly cab will keep you fresh for the whole day.


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Thursday, 22 March 2012 11:27

Landini 5H Series

NEW 5H TIER 4 models are powered by a Perkins new generation engine using the latest technology to meet emission requirements. Two versions are available in the following configuration Mechanical & Powershuttle


Models and HP of Powershuttle Versions


► 5H-90                           88hp  (95hp boosted)


► 5H-100                         95hp  (102hp boosted)


► 5H-110                         105hp (113hp boosted)


► 5H-115                         113hp (no boost)


Styling and General Layout


The tractor feature’s new styling that will be used across the Landini family as each new family model is introduced.  The clean design and wide opening bonnet allows maximum air flow to the radiator as well as unobstructed access to the engine and its routine service points.


All versions are powered by the Perkins 854 which has been developed to meet future emission standards. The Common Rail fuel injection system ensures outstanding performance, easy starting in colder climates and the efficient cooling package handles hot ambient temperatures. Fuel economy is also impressive partially assisted by the low losses within the transmission.


How does the engine meet emissions?


In simple terms a filtration system catches the soot particles which are the harmful particulates generated during the combustion cycle.  These are trapped within the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF).


During normal engine operation these soot particles are gradually re-burnt and expelled from the filter.  However the passive regeneration may not always keep up with the soot accumulation due to the operating cycles and load demands. The engine ECU monitors one or more sensors that measure back pressure and/or temperature, and based on pre-programmed set points the ECU makes decisions on when to activate the regeneration cycle.

The regeneration cycle has no overall effect on engine performance, during this cycle exhaust gases are heated to very high temperatures over the DOC diesel oxidisation catalyst and as they pass through the DPF it neutralises the soot and expels it via the exhaust.



The standard transmission with the 3 speed powershift has ample working speeds slowest speed in 1st gear 1.4 km/hr. For specialised tasks a 48 x 16 creeper is available providing a minimum speed of 290 metres per hour at rated engine speed. The four speed synchromesh gear lever incorporates the 3 speed powershift button as well as the De Clutch button which can be used to shift through the four speeds without using the foot clutch.




The SMC control allows the operator to adjust the time/ reaction of the both the forward/reverse shuttle and the clutch pedal behaviour.

This control will help the operator achieve precise clutch control if required or a faster shuttle behaviour.  As the dial is operated a digital % display is momentarily shown on the instrument cluster.

The PTO driveline has excellent efficiency with the PTO clutch mounted at the rear of the transmission making service access if required very easy. Additional power is available when using the PTO or transport


The output system may be a two speed 540/750 or 540/1000.  Or by special request a three speed 540/750/1000. The PTO stub shaft is held in place with a circlip and can be exchanged between a 6 or 21 spline shaft without loss of oil, this gives total versatility of PTO driven equipment.




The front axle provides an excellent turning angle to maximise manoeuvrability and also incorporates front disc brakes, this increases safety and reduces stress on the rear brakes. The front differential is 100% locking that automatically engages when the rear differential is operated. Front fenders when fitted are the pivot type which ensures they do not restrict the turning capability of the axle. The wide track front axle gives the tractor good stability as well as reducing stress loads when running at wider track settings.




Wet multi disc brakes are used in the rear axles with 5 discs each side.  The brakes ensure positive stopping and the same discs are used for the parking brake via a traditional handbrake lever. Hydraulic trailer braking is also fitted as standard. 




The NEW 5H TIER4 range all feature “Bosch“ lower link electronic draft control.  The system also has ride control which reduces the shock loadings when carrying a mounted implement such as a mower or plough.


The telescopic Auto Pickup hitch is standard equipment and offers excellent visibility and ground clearance. The rugged three point linkage has a maximum lift of 4750kg and handles all equipment comfortably.


Operator Comfort


The NEW 5H cab offers excellent comfort and vision for the operator; the wide opening doors allow easy access to the cab.  Inside, the heating and ventilation system keeps the environment to the operator’s desired temperature; a roof window provides upward visibility for loader operations.

Telescopic mirrors, wide rear fenders plus the neatly styled lighting package all make the tractors specification very competitive in today’s market plac

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Landini 4 Series

The new Landini 4 Series is designed to operate in a wide spectrum of farming operations in the low-medium power range.  This tractor replaces the Alpine range and offers an array of operator features and benefits.

These three new models utilise a 4 cylinder 3.6Ltr engine provide maximum  power ratings of  90,  99 & 107hp with a wide choice of specification including mechanical or powershuttle transmissions.

Powerful, Lightweight and Versatile it will suit a variety of applications: from soil preparation, grass mowing and baling, as well as fruit orchard activities and loader operations.

A totally new cab makes this tractor comfortable whatever operation it encounters, the operator enjoys easy access and excellent visibility as well as a safe working environment. The slim line roof combined with an efficient A/C system makes this  tractor very compact without compromising comfort and serviceability.


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